Hgh Schools

Not every student fits in, feels comfortable, or can keep pace in a mainstream high school.

Most of our students have come from high schools of 3,000-5,000 students where they felt anonymous, overwhelmed, and lost. As their frustration with school grew and their performance declined, often the result was to simply drop out.

We believe that in the right school setting with the right teachers, every student can succeed. 

Milburn Academy

We offer the alternative to dropping out:

  • Smaller schools and class sizes help students receive more teacher interaction
  • Our schools are less than 300 students with class sizes under 20 students
  • Our school directors and teachers know every student by first name
  • Students feel safe, comfortable and involved.

Middleton Academy

We offer an extended choice of fully accredited online high school courses to meet individual students' needs:

  • Make-up courses
  • AP - advanced placement courses
  • Academic year courses across all the required subject areas and electives
  • Remedial courses for addressing skill deficiencies in reading, composition and mathematics
  • Full online high school degree program.

A student can take part of all his/her high school curriculum through Middleton Academy and earn a fully accredited degree through Milburn Academy.

Courses are self-paced and offer students personal convenience and unlimited flexibility. Accessible teachers support and guide students through their courses while closely monitoring progress and helping them achieve subject mastery and course completion.

Worldwide Service

NESI delivers educational services to more than 15,000 students in 120 cities, across 17 states, eight foreign countries and two US territories.

Our Scope of Operations

Working with NESI

NESI provides a range of high-quality educational services to students around the world. Our talented, committed employees are one of the most important elements of our educational programs.

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