1. What is NESI?  
2. How do I contact NESI about providing services to my school or district? 

1. What is NESI?

 NESI is an educational management company that provides a variety of services and programs to students around the world. We deliver four main types of services: government-funded educational programs such as Title I, alternative high schools for students who have experienced difficulty in a traditional academic setting; military support and instructional services; and online education.

2. How do I contact NESI about providing services to my school or district?

Please contact the appropriate person at the telephone number or email address provided below.

Title I , Military Programs

Ms. Rochelle Schneickert
703-494-7882 x 104

Middleton Academy

Mr. Greg Shields


See more FAQS for Title I 

Worldwide Service

NESI delivers educational services to more than 15,000 students in 120 cities, across 17 states, eight foreign countries and two US territories.

Our Scope of Operations

Working with NESI

NESI provides a range of high-quality educational services to students around the world. Our talented, committed employees are one of the most important elements of our educational programs.

Educational Opportunities
Corporate Opportunities
Military Education

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