Supplemental Educational Services (SES) FAQs

1. What is SES?
2. How do I know if my child qualifies for SES tutoring? 
3. How does the NESI SES program help children improve their skills? 
4. How experienced are NESI's tutors? 
5. In what states is NESI approved to provide tutoring services? 
6. How do I enroll my child in NESI's tutoring program? 
7. How much does it cost me to have my child tutored by NESI?

 1. What is SES?

SES is a federally-funded component of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). Schools that have not made adequate yearly progress according to NCLB's standards for two consecutive years must use part of their Title I allocation to provide supplemental educational programs or resources to students in an effort to improve academic performance and standardized test scores. Most schools elect to use their SES funds to offer after-school tutoring programs administered by a private provider or, in some cases, by the school district itself. NESI is a top provider of after-school SES tutoring.

2. How do I know if my child qualifies for SES tutoring?

Your child's school is legally obligated to notify you if your child qualifies for supplemental services. You should receive a letter explaining why your child qualifies for SES and what options for additional instruction or support his/her school offers. If the school is offering tutoring services, you should receive a list of state-approved providers from which to choose. You then contact the provider and enroll your child in the tutoring program. The school pays the tutoring provider for the services your child receives; you will not be charged.

3. How does the NESI/SES program help children improve their skills?

NESI uses a unique tutoring model which guarantees that your child receives the maximum amount of individual attention to address his/her learning needs. Our tutoring clusters consist of degreed teachers and college students pursuing their degree in education. A certified teacher oversees each cluster, reviews lesson plans, helps write individual academic plans (IAPs), and intervenes as necessary to ensure that students receive the high-quality instruction NESI is known for delivering. We use a variety of instructional methods and materials in our tutoring program and regularly administer assessment tests to ensure that your child is making significant academic progress.

4. How experienced are NESI's tutors?

NESI's tutors are experienced in and trained to provide a number of educational services: diagnostic testing; IAP development and implementation, curriculum implementation; monitoring, evaluating, and assessing student performance and progress; classroom and resource management; and maintenance of accurate, confidential student files.

Our tutors understand students' needs and design lesson plans that will help them improve their academic performance in both the tutoring sessions and during the school day. NESI tutors also understand the importance of communicating with parents and daytime teachers to discuss students' progress and identify any potential problems or concerns. Our staff members are highly trained and dedicated to helping students improve.

5. In what states is NESI currently providing or approved to provide tutoring services?

NESI is approved to and currently provides SES tutoring to students in six states: Florida; Illinois; Maryland; New York; Virginia; and Wisconsin. Additionally, NESI is an approved SES provider in Georgia, Missouri, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Virginia.

6. How do I enroll my child in NESI's tutoring program?

Contact NESI for more information about our tutoring program.




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Hillsborough County


Ms. Josephina Taveras





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Ms. Cynthia Cherry
Mr. Tewon Stevens
Ms. Cynthia Cherry

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Ms. Keshawn Golson

877-227-4592, dial 82


7. How much does it cost me to have my child tutored by NESI?

You do not pay NESI to provide supplemental tutoring services to your child. If your child qualifies for the program, his/her school district will be billed for any tutoring services that NESI provides. There is no cost to you for tutoring services. However, should you for some reason incur transportation expenses related to your child's participation in our SES program, you are responsible for those charges.

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